Pascal Vert aka Dr. Deep House – Beautiful Morning

Das das Musikgeschäft nicht immer rund läuft, kann man sich vorstellen. Aus diesem Grund hat Pascal Vert, der unter seinem Synonym Dr.Deep House einen Track für eine Cafe del Mar Compilation produziert hat, diesen zum Gratisdownload bereit gestellt.

„In 2007 this song was released on the café del mar chillhouse 5 compilation. To this day i haven’t seen any money for my work even though the cd and digital copys were sold. The offical website including its email-servers is down since months. So at the end my last contact option (email) went away. At this point it’s too late to say „don’t buy the cd“ or stuff like that. At this point I share this story to you people to let you know how music business sometimes works and that even the big ones sometimes don’t pay. Sadly – This is how it is but back to what-you-get. I’m sharing this musical piece of mine to all you guys (and girls) out there and i hope you’ll share it too, enjoy it and dance to it. For the love of music share it to every music lover you know ;-) Thank you for reading this short story. Feel free to contact me or leave me a comment on soundcloud. Oh and for the legal side: the contract i had with café del mar was non exclusive so i can do with my music what ever i want – ignoring the fact that i don’t care anyways! Love and thanks Pascal alias Dr. Deep House.“