trndmsk Podcast #4 – Nils Hoffmann

trndmusik Podcast #4 - Nils Hoffmann

DJ Hell, Wankelmut and Beatamines & David Jach are well-established DJs and have been in the business long enough to gain lots of fans. Still, the number of supporters are no criterion whatsoever to get the chance to create one ouf our podcasts. Need an example? 16-year-old DJ and music producer Nils Hoffmann is one of many aspiring artists from Berlin. In February 2012, he came up trumps with his Lochmann Records EP “Verwunschen”. Besides, he made it into our Sound of the Week section with his edit of Boy’s track “Railway”. There is no doubt that Nils has a gift for producing electronic music – and that is why we let him compose our fourth podcast.

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