trndmsk Podcast #24 – Of Norway

Podcast #24 - Of Norway

“Lykkelig er den som ikke sørger over hava han mangler,men gleder seg over hva han bar.” – That’s how we’d like to introduce our next podcast artists. It’s a Norwegian saying roughly translated as “He is fortunate who doesn’t worry about what he doesn’t have, but is happy about what he has”. Of Norway, consisting of two Oslo-based music producers Vegard Wolf Dyvik and Carl Christian Steenstrup since 2006, released two 12 inches via Connaisseur Recordings in 2011 and 2012. Now, the Offenbach record label is happy to release their first LP titled “Accretion” by the end of May 2014. The two musicians did include some of the LP’s new tracks in their DJ set recorded for trndmusik – our 24th podcast episode.

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