Free Download: Niju – Golden Rider


Niju – that’s how native Japanese people called a mystic waterfall where they used to get together one night every week to dream of the happy hunting ground using hypnotic drums and the shaman’s rattle. However, that’s not true. Niju simply quickens the imagination.

While usual club sets often feel like a bumpy obstacle course through the auditory meatus, Niju‘s mixes are some kind of journey through an electronic high ropes course. You will dance unadjusted through an emotional waterfall of multifaceted creativity including a wide range of driving Deep House, Tech House variations and Downtempo influences.

The music producer gives away one of his tracks just before getting ready to perform at this year’s Fusion festival: “Golden Rider”.

trndmusik: How did you get the idea to produce that track?

Niju: I got the idea when I was driving back home with my good friend Timo Eberle. While we were having a conversation a radio station played the original track of Joachim Witt’s “Goldener Reiter”. We were fascinated by the monotonous guitar loop and its flow right away. I have never been a great supporter of Neue Deutsche Welle but I must have had a devil in me to use that track. After all, the track was made out of many snippets. Unfortunately, I could only use the chorus since Mister Witt knows how to sing indistinctly. That doesn’t harm the track, though.

trndmusik: Why provide it as a free download?

Niju: That’s simple: because I don’t want to get all the credit for the hard work of others. And Mr. J. Witt really deserves credit.

trndmusik: What’s up next?

Niju: Quite a lot! There will be a party at Frankfurt’s Tanzhaus West in two weeks where we will be celebrating the foundation of record label Diskotiere and my first release titled “Würze im Schnee”. The remixes were made by Niklas Ibach and etwas-anders-Jungs from Cologne. I will also perform at Space Bar’s Arab Underground Camp for three or four hours. And I’m really looking forward to presenting my new live set alongside Rampue at Strandbad-Neckarau in Mannheim.

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