Free Download: Ohio Wow Signal (aka Grizzly) – Acid Hum (Sunrise/Sunset)


“I’m currently working on some kind of Slowmotion Acid live set”, says Berlin-based Ohio Wow Signal (aka Grizzly) about his new music project. He experiments a lot and tries loads of different stuff. That’s how he produced two versions of his track “Acid Hum” using Jomox 999, Xoxbox MK1, Access Virus B, Electribe ESX and Eventide Timedelay: Sunrise and Sunset. “Since my mixer console is broken I had to connect the gadgets to the audio card via Mono and then recorded it using DAT. Nice and old-school, no computer fuss!” The Berlin musician provides both tracks as a free download via trndmusik.


01. Ohio Wow Signal (aka Grizzly) – Acid Hum (Sunset)
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02. Ohio Wow Signal (aka Grizzly) – Acid Hum (Sunrise)
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