Austrian DJ Jon Gravy gives away “Exercises”


Young music producer Felix Nowak aka Jon Gravy has released music via the likes of Cubek Records, Addition Recordings, Vienna Wildstyle Records and Breadmaker Records. Now, the Vienna-based DJ comps one of his tracks as a free download via trndmusik: “Exercises”.

trndmusik: Did you have a radical, fundamental idea to produce the track?

Jon Gravy: After a few highly productive Techno sessions I felt like counterbalancing my musical vibes with some Deep House tunes, so producing the instrumental base of the track was fun. I wanted it to be ambitious: keep the emotional vocal message and make it suitable for dancefloors.

trndmusik: How did you produce the track?

Jon Gravy: As I said, producing the base was quite easy but it took me about three months to find the right samples and emotionalise the track. I had the idea to use an experimental kind of voice such as in “Avast”, one of the tracks released by Vienna Wildstyle Records. Eventually, I stumbled across Sohn’s “Lessons” acapella and titled my track “Exercises”.

trndmusik: Why do you provide it for free?

Jon Gravy: I like giving away the tracks that don’t suit my record labels well and truly. Those are uploaded biannually as part of the Jon Gravy Promotion– and I plan to keep it that way.

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