Liftboi releases “Eis Okay” EP single-handedly


Liftboi from Leipzig plans on releasing his debut EP without the help of any record label. “It all started with me looking for possible labels. That took me a few months so I decided to simply take over all production stages”, says the music producer. “Others will be in a position to judge whether or not that turns out to be a good idea.” He brings his EP into the most important stores (except for Beatport) via Spinnup. The original track– “Eis Okay”— is featured by Sean Bradford and is due to be released with two more tracks (“The Scarf” and “All I Want”) on August 1st, 2014.

trndmusik: Where did you get the idea to produce the EP?

Liftboi: I’ve wanted to release my own album since 2013. There were so many wide-spread tracks in the first months of my Liftboi project that I wanted to conclude that chapter with an album. However, I thought it was impossible to release an album without the help of any record label. None of the labels I had contacted seemed to get involved with my music– the response rate was about 5%. It was only then that I realised that my music is complicated– too virtuous for Techno/Electronica labels and too electronic for Pop labels. So I decided to do it on my own: production, cover design, distribution. The result are three different tracks, each very special in their own way. “The Scarf” and “Eis Okay” are quite jazzy, and “All I Want” is more synthetic and electronic.

trndmusik: Tell me about how the tracks came up.

Liftboi: The tracks occured to me in spring 2014. I just came back from my European Voluntary Service in Bulgaria and had a lot of time to reflect. Well, that kind of sounds like a copybook-answer but “Eis Okay” means anything else but “Alles okay”– a standard reaction to “How are you?”. You only get to appreciate that everything is fine once you’ve gone through hard times.

trndmusik: How did you get in contact with Sean Bradford?

Liftboi: Sean had contacted me on SoundCloud in autumn of 2013. He asked me if I wanted to produce a remix for his debut EP so this can be considered a reward– the collaboration was really kind and we try to support each other. He’s a trained musical singer and his voice fits “Eis Okay” perfectly. Unfortunately, my voice isn’t too good so I’ve now tried a vocoder for the first time ever.


01. Eis Okay feat. Sean Bradford
02. The Scarf
03. All I Want