“Story About You” by Patrick Schulze

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Patrick Schulze from Bonn recently released a new production: “Story About You”. The young music producer, now living in Hamburg, Germany, published the track more than a month ago and now provides it as a free download via trndmusik.

trndmusik: How did you get the idea for producing “Story About You”?

Patrick Schulze: It happened the same way as with most of my tracks: I was in a quite melancholic mood. Those are usually the moments when I’m most productive in producing music. I never follow a strict scheme. I just allow myself to be lead by my emotions. Maybe that’s why my tracks always sound like they could collapse at any second but then come back even stronger. That’s not ill-intentioned: I regard my work as something positive. I’m not about having to release a stream of tracks, but scarcity value! So that’s basically why my tracks are near and dear to me. So is “Story About You”.

trndmusik: Why provide it as a free download?

Patrick Schulze: I don’t really like the concept of releasing my music via record labels any longer. That leads to a certain business character. I want to be free in making my decisions and deciding what to do with my music is a huge part of that. Of course, some record labels offer great platforms but that’s the way I want to handle it at the moment. And a free download via trndmusik is a great option since we have come together many times in the past talking about music. So that’s a great opportunity for me to finally give something back!

trndmusik: What’s up next?

Patrick Schulze: You will definitely find me playing some more gigs soon. Also, our agency Seelensauna is planning on organising some events. That’s where I will play alongside Wankelmut, Nils Hoffmann, Talul and Steve Hope!

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