A Forest publish “Grace” LP


Fabian Schuetze and Friedemann Pruss are well-travelled musicians. They perform as part of much-noticed Indie and Electronica projects and have now come together to change things. The uncommon combination of two male voices, drums, synthesizers and samples develops a curious attraction with their Hip Hop, Electronica, Singer-songwriter, Soul and Minimal Techno influences. On October 2nd, 2014, they released their “Grace” LP as music duo A Forest. The album includes nine tracks and trndmusik is happy to premiere one of them: “My Kite II”.

trndmusik: When did you first have the idea to produce a LP?

A Forest: After a three-year break we knew that we will release an album in 2014. The first sketches and ideas were there already. Then we started working on it continuously.

trndmusik: Where and how did you produce the tracks?

A Forest: We produced many of them with analogue synthesizers in our home studio. The drums were recorded live in the final production stage. Also, we had some vocal sessions in other studios.

trndmusik: What record label released the album?

A Forest: Analogsoul / Broken Silence released the CD and vinyl. It’s also available in digital stores as well as a stream.

trndmusik: Aus welchen Einflüssen habt Ihr Euch bei den Tracks bedient?

A Forest: It was our aim to make an innovative Pop album. Our Hip Hop socialization is undeniably noticeable on it but we also include many non-musical influences: movies, literature, pictures and morales.


01. Flagboy
02. Fields
03. Parcours
04. My Kite II
05. Surfaces
06. A Mountain
07. The Man That Plants The Trees
08. Picture
09. The Shepherd