Adrian Hour: “Make You Feel Good” via Toolroom Trax


Argentinian music producer Adrian Hour is ready to release his debut EP via Toolroom Trax on October 27th, 2014. “Make You Feel Good” will be the third release by the British imprint. “Most of my tracks are made unwittingly”, says Hour. “I just feel the groove and go from there.” The track was produced in Ibiza: “I was in Ibiza when I finished “Make You Feel Good”, making music in my hotel room. Yes, I know it’s funny and sometimes people think that it’s almost impossible but it’s the truth.” He usually finishes the productions at his home studio doing some little tweaks. And he’s very happy about the fact that the track will be released by Toolrom Trax: “Toolrom Trax is a real quality label!”


01. Adrian Hour – Make You Feel Good