Illy Noize: new release via Finn Records


Illy Noize from Halle an der Saale is happy to release his new EP on October 13th, 2014: “I got the idea to produce the EP when I was producing music– that’s how it always works for me. I usually develop some sketches in a short time and once I like one of these ideas I start turning it into a track.” The result is a 3-track EP titled “In Your Arms”, to be released by Finn Records. The tracks were produced at the DJ’s home studio: “The mixing I do with Philipp H. & Jonson as they’ve been living in Halle for half a year now– it’s just a perfect city for electronic music.” He got in contact with the record label through another release: “Benn contributed a remix to my first release via Hansehertz Records. We’ve been in contact since then and he really is a good musician and a very pleasant person.”


01. Illy Noize – In Your Arms
02. Illy Noize – Burn It
03. Illy Noize – Don’t Care