trndmsk Future Stars #3: Niju – Walking Over Lemons

Foto: Felix Huth

Foto: Felix Huth

“While usual club sets often feel like a bumpy obstacle course through the auditory meatus, my mixes are some kind of journey through an electronic high ropes course”, says Diskotiere music producer niju about his sets. “You will dance unadjustedly through an emotional waterfall of multifaceted creativity.” As part of our Future Stars series, the young musician compiled a live set consisting of seven self-made productions.

trndmusik: What can we expect from the next 60 minutes?

niju: Don’t expect anything and allow yourself to be surprised. All in all, it’s an one-hour live set of mine.

trndmusik: How did you choose the tracks? Did you have a certain concept?

niju: I chose mainly unreleased tracks of mine as I was browsing my database. The mix starts off drivingly and steadily develops into a danceable set.

trndmusik: Where and how did you record the mix?

niju: I recorded the set with Ableton in my home studio.

trndmusik: What inspires you?

niju: My life. Music helps me dealing with my emotions, regardless of whether they’re pleasant or not. Still, I think I’m more of a positive than negative person.

trndmusik: Any favorite spots in the Rhine-Neckar region?

niju: Definitely! I love the nature here as well as Mannheim and Heidelberg. But I found my personal paradise at Peer23, a meeting place for creativity, solidarity and the arts.

trndmusik: What are your plans for the near future? Any gigs coming up?

niju: This year I will spend producing, mostly. That’s all I’ve been doing over the last months: eating, sleeping, exercising and producing music. Thus I’ve got a whole compilation of tracks I would like to continue working on. I’d like to continue supporting our record label ‘Diskotiere’ and I will be performing in Berlin and Hamburg very soon. Very much looking forward to Berlin.

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(MP3, 320 kBit/s, 1:02:10 Min., 57,4 MB)


01. niju – Walk Over Lemons
02. niju – Chimera
03. niju – Lost In Mirrows
04. niju feat. Elif Ungern – Traumtraube aus Grün
05. niju feat. Valerie – Fairies in the Moonlight
06. David Hasert & Matteo Luis – Watermelon (niju Remix)
07. niju – Dwindling Forests