Joel Alter: Albumveröffentlichung bei Uncanny Valley


„Heart“ – so heisst der Titel des neuesten Longplayers von Joel Alter. Der Schwede brachte das Werk, das mit acht Tracks bestückt ist, bereits im Februar 2015 auf einem deutschen Label raus. Wir sprachen mit dem in Berlin lebenden Musiker über das Album – und wieso die Kollektion auf dem Dresdner Imprint Uncanny Valley erschien.

trndmsk: Where did you get the idea of making an album and from where did you get the inspiration?

Joel Alter: I think I always wanted to do an album, but I was not ready until now. I have been serching and experimenting with sounds and different gengres and in the end I believe it’s a matter of personal growth. I could have done it earlier, but to me personaly I wasn’t ready.

How and when did you created it?

It was recorded in the spring of 2014. All of the songs are results of liverecordings in the studio. I wanted to capture the moment and not sit in front of the computer programming. I did the beats using my mpc 3000, that is the one and only instrument I would never leave.

How long did it took you to record and produce every track?

That is a very difficult question to answer. First you record a track and that can take from three minutes up to a month, then you are going to finalize and produce it. Let’s put it like this, „Mecca“ was recorded over seven years ago, but I finished the production of it last year. „Measures Of Love“ was entirely a liverecording together with my friend Christopher Berg, where he played synth and I played cello. That was an inspired moment of less than five minutes. More or less I spent around four months finishing the album.

How did you approached the German label?

I know Conrad from Uncanny Valley since one dark disco night in Berlin. I forgot on of my records
in his recordbag. The boys also invited me and Jonsson to play in Dresden. I always liked what they did and was impressed by the high quality of the output. I actually did´nt send it as a demo rather just to get some feedback. Everyone loved it thogh and I couldn’t be happier.

What comes after the album? Any new plans?

I’m very exited for my upcoming 12″ on Uncanny Valley with remixes from the album. We got Dorisburg and The Persuader for the job. Two fellow swedes that are really hot on there heels right now. It will also include the track „Mecca“ that I really wanted on a 12″. Meanwhile I will go recordshopping and hit the clubs.


01. Joel Alter – Broken Chord
02. Joel Alter – 22 Hours
03. Joel Alter – Everlasting (Radio Edit)
04. Joel Alter – I Got It
05. Joel Alter – Unsung Heroes
06. Joel Alter – Out Of Bounds
07. Joel Alter – Mecca
08. Joel Alter – Measures Of Love