Panic Bomber’s “The Great Below” edit


In September 1999 music project Nine Inch Nails released their famous “The Fragile” LP. It was the fourth studio album by US-American Trent Reznor including a five-minute track titled “The Great Below”. Distinct features of the track are Reznor’s gentle vocals and the deep bass line. Sixteen years later New York artist Richard Haig, who has been known for releases via Anjunadeep, Bedrock and YYZ Records, was allowed to edit the track, and went on to releasing a wonderful Techno edit. Panic Bomber managed to integrate the vocals by Nine Inch Nails into a very danceable track. And the best news is: it’s a free download..

trndmsk: What inspired you to make the edit? How did you approach the original track?

Panic Bomber: I was spending a Saturday morning soldering some DIY Eurorack modules, revisiting some old Nine Inch Nails albums while I worked and I had completely forgotten about “The Great Below” and how great it was. I thought to myself: “I wish such-and-such producer remixed this, I’d love to hear their take.” And then I realized, wait a second, why not me?

Where and how did you produce it?

I do most of my work in my home studio. It took me a few tries to come up with a fitting bass line, but I knew I would find one eventually.  When you have such great source material, your biggest challenge as a remixer is to not ruin what was so good about the song in the first place. Finding something that could compliment but not compete with the source material both sonically and musically took a fair amount of experimentation. I like to think I reached something that works in the end.

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on other projects?

I’m sitting on hours of material, so I’ll be gradually dripping out something new every couple of weeks. To coincide with that, I’m putting together a new live set that I’ll be touring out soon.