Multifaceted Luca Musto – first solo EP released by Feines Tier


Luca Musto is a true enthusiast when it comes to Soul, Jazz, Blues and electronic music. Especially the groovy beats and hypnotising melodies of so-called Slow House is what the Italian born musician has fallen for. Following a great set for MUZO, the young producer is now ready to release his first solo EP: “Situations” contains four tracks with deep atmospheres and the suitable beats. The EP shows Luca’s wide range of electronic vibes, his multifacetedness. Cologne based record label Feines Tier will release the tracks during the following weeks.

trndmsk: Luca, why did your first EP take so long?

Luca Musto: Not the EP took so long – it was more due to the fact that I like to take quality before quantity. That’s why I also worked with two instrumentalist on the main track with Paris based singer Louve for example to make it really perfect. Until the beginning of this year, however, I was also quite busy with some other music projects. So one came to another and time flies obviously.

Where did the idea for this EP come from? What inspired you?

The main idea of „Situations“ has been following me for quite a while now. It even goes back to the beginning of my studies, when I produced a track that was called like this. I even put it online back then, that’s how I basically got in to touch with Louis Levantal who reunites a bunch of amazing artists in his MUZO family agency. For me, this EP shows what Situations can literally do with your life.

A big inspiration has always been blues for me. Those feelings, the rough atmospheres that puts you in a certain mood. That’s what music means to me – its about emotions.

Why is your first EP released by Feines Tier?

I had the great pleasure to play for Feines Tier at JackWho in Cologne earlier this year, which was one of my highlights. Everything worked out just perfect that day, it was so lovely. Of course I was following them for a while, but after that night it was quite clear that this would really happen.

Did you refuse to work with remixers?

Not really. We had some ideas of course but nothing worked out eventually. Happily, the EP works in its own way and even the tracks make sense between and within each other – even without remixer.

What’s coming up next after your release? Any new projects or do we have to wait longer for your next release again?

Well, I don’t hope. But on the other hand, I can’t understand this releasing madness. Music means a lot to me and should be produced with the same consciousness as it’s consumed. However, there will be new material of Musto & Rietze soon and I’ll be included in the first MUZO compilation gathering superb tracks.


01. Luca Musto – Ticon
02. Luca Musto – Movements
03. Luca Musto – Sileo
04. Luca Musto feat. Louve – Situations