Future Bass meets Pop – OIJ releases “Back To The Start”


“It took a while for the track to become what it is now”, says OIJ about “Back To The Start”. He developed the basics at Amsterdam Dance Events (ADE) last year: “I was in the studio with Neil Ormandy and we had a great session.” Still, he did modify the track quite often over the last twelve months due to a lot of new inspiration through OIJ’s travels and other changes: “I was inspired by so many things – from Flume to Major Lazer. I listened to a lot of Pop and Future Bass tracks.”

From Amsterdam via Haarlem to OIJ’s studio

“Back To The Start” is the first collaboration between OIJ and a singer: “Usually I record the vocals myself but when I first listened to Gia Koka‘s voice I was over the moon with it.” After producing the basics of the song in Amsterdam, he delivered the track to Thijs van der Klugt in Haarlem. “Eventually, I finalised the track in my studio”, says OIJ who uses Ableton Live for all of his productions. “The software has amazing features that help me think outside the box, enabling extra streams of creativity and inspiration.” The track can be found on Spotify.