“Mental Contest” EP shows the versatility of Olsvangèr


The underground scene of Tel Aviv is the source of inspiration for Olsvangèr‘s new EP: “I am not referring to the peak moments during the night on any main dance floor, I am talking about the alternative rooms the music there always attracts”, says the Israeli musician. “Mental Contest” was produced in his own studio and the BPM College Studios in Tel Aviv: “In order to create the sounds I used my synths collection and my samples library. My personal obsession is special audio effects on my own vocals and you will be able hear that on the EP.” Diversity is a valuable asset in the two tracks “Magic Act” and “Mental Contest” as both have their distinct aspects; while “Magic Act” introduces a dark piano and powerful percussons, “Mental Contest” is the easier track. Most notable are the African percussions and bizarre synths.

The perfect record label for his music: Karakter

Additionally to the two original tracks, the EP includes a remix by Panorama Channel, a Russian music duo consisting of Andrey Telegin and Kinly. On July 4th, 2017, the collection will be released via Dutch imprint Karakter Records, marking their fourth release. “While in pursuit of new music, I came across the Switchdance release on Karakter”, says Olsvangèr. “After hearing all their previous releases, I was hooked and felt this was the perfect label for my current project. So, I got in touch with them and I was happy when they felt the same about my music.” Besides the EP, Olsvangèr is working on other releases as well: “On the production side, my upcoming releases will be out on NEIN Records and Sulk Magic. I am also working with my group BOR on a monthly party which intends to bring a different color to the underground scene of Tel Aviv. The Alphabet Club is our playground for this vision.”


01. Olsvangèr – Magic Act
02. Olsvangèr – Mental Contest
03. Olsvangèr – Mental Contest (Panorama Channel Remix)