A deeply satisfying chug – Doctor Dru and M.E.M.O. release a new EP called „Barial“ on Mobilee


Doctor Dru and M.E.M.O. team up for the first time on renowned Berlin imprint Mobilee Records with „Barial“. “Barial” and “Junar” are the product of two sun-kissed studio sessions and the atmosphere shows, with huge melodies and a feel that’s geared for the big stages. „Barial“ is a heat and hand raiser with a deeply satisfying chug. The evocative melody does much of the talking but the quirky percussion makes it a clear winner.

What inspired you to produce the EP?

Doctor Dru: We got to know each other on a Mobilee showcase in Cairo. Then M.E.M.O. was inviting me over to a show in Cordoba and we decided to enjoy some extra time in the warm spring of south Spain. We got on a road trip to Malaga with some culinary stops as Memo grew up in this area and knows some tasty restos on the way. This set the vibe for the tunes.

M.E.M.O.: We weren’t inspired by any musical reference, we just simply let it flow by the good summer vibes, enjoying the sun in Malaga, swimming pool, good food and drinking a lot of non alcoholic beers.

Where did you record it? And how?

M.E.M.O.: Everything happened in my new house. A little oasis in the Costa del Sol, close to Marbella, where I have a small studio surrounded by tranquility, silence and full of analog synth treasures. The main melody came out of the Korg Monopoly and the effects were done with the Alesis Andromeda, Junar´s melody came from the new SH 101 Clone from Behringer.

Doctor Dru: Yes, the setting there is really nice. And the Monopoly a real beast. After the creative output we had to finalise the arrangement apart from each other and the mixing was done in my studio in Barcelona.

How did you get in contact with the record label?

M.E.M.O.: My last EP was released on Mobilee and label boss Ralf Kollmann is my actual manager. The decision of releasing it there came out naturally.

Doctor Dru: We met through Mobilee so it was more than logical for us to offer the tune first to Ralf who was really happy with the outcome.

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

Doctor Dru: It never really stops as after the release is before the next one. I got to finish a remix, I can’t say the artist name, yet. Also I’m about to finish another collab I started earlier this year.
An original EP by me will come beginning of next year.

M.E.M.O.: I’m actually working in many other projects. Right now, I am finishing a new EP to connect with this last collaboration with Dru, I hope this will the first one of many! Besides that, I am also collaborating with Pig & Dan, we haven´t worked together for a long time and we really enjoy mixing some cool stuff, I hope you can all enjoy it soon!


01. Doctor Dru & M.E.M.O. – Barial
02. Doctor Dru & M.E.M.O. – Junar